Art and Candy's much-anticipated debut recording is now available! In the four-song collection, the duo-turned-quartet explores several of the styles and songs that have influenced them most. Each classic tune has been refreshed with new, original arrangements, and features powerful contributions from each member: Candy, Art, and a duo of Daniels (Durham, bass, and Dowling, drums). Visit the links below to listen in or purchase your copy today!

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Special Thanks

Since Preface does not include any liner notes on which to express our thanks (and maybe not enough room anyway), we'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

...George Shalda of Beardog Studios for opening his home to us, and working so closely with us to make these recordings sound as exceptional as they do! His advice during the recording process, and his efforts mixing and mastering the record, were invaluable

...Daniel Dowling, for being awesome at drums, and for being a friend and confidante for many years, and over at least two continents

...Daniel Durham, for his remarkable talent, his encouragement, and his good cheer and amazing energy at the end of every show

...both Daniels mentioned above, for lending critical ears and creative ideas to Preface. Your suggestions and musicality brought a special kind of magic to this project

...Cody Gatlin, whose striking sketches are the cover art of this album. Cody was at the Elephant Room drawing those pictures on the night of our very first performance in Austin, and we could not have chosen better images to grace these recordings

...Jason, Gene, Jace, Nick and the entire Brass House crew, for giving us a wonderful musical home since 2013, for their generosity with applause and beverages, and for sticking with us through thick and thin

...Stanley Smith, for our first gig in Austin at the Elephant Room, inviting us to sit in with the Pharaohs, and for his encouragement and ever-present good humor

...Donna Menthol, for her guidance, and encouragement. Her unique perspective helped the sound of Preface come to life!

...Russ Scanlon, for being a wise mentor, a supportive friend, and a guide through music, guitar, and the streets of China

...all of our Austin musical family, musicians and fans alike, who are simply too many to name here! It is an amazing privilege to have found such support and inspiration amidst this incredible community of players and listeners

When we were considering titles for these recordings, we wanted to say something genuine; something honest, that didn't make us out to be more than we were, but didn't sell short all the hard work we'd put in over the past few years; something that told people that we're serious, but that we're also finding ourselves, and that we aren't going to stop looking. Preface really came to life when we remembered that all these experiences--the positive and the negative--represent the very beginning. We have so much to learn, and hopefully very far to go, and whatever lies ahead, Preface will always be one of those milestones for us: a moment we decided to turn the page.